April 2, 2012

Declutter With Me On Monday | Week 13

We are one quarter of the way done! How have you been doing? Can you tell a difference in your home? I have to say, in some places of my homes (such as the ones most recently decluttered), it is noticeable. In other areas that haven't been decluttered since January.... well, they could stand to be decluttered again. I have a tendency to be frustrated or angry at myself for letting this happen, but then I choose to remember this is life. Life is fluid. Always moving. Kids are always, always moving. Most of the time, they carry things with them and move items from one place to a perfectly decluttered space. It happens. So, I choose to stow away my frustrations (for now) and move on to this week's list.

First up, get rid of cleaners you don't use.
We don't really use cleaners in our house other than Norwex antibac microfiber cloths. The microfiber is so fine that it picks up everything. As for the bacteria, Norwex uses silver that is interwoven into the cloths to kill bacteria on contact. I love them. My hubby even loves them. We've been using Norwex for about four years and I don't see us ever going to conventional cleaners again. I did find a random bottle of Clorox wipes under our bathroom sink this past week though. Actually, Sam found it and I promptly threw it out. It's something he obviously doesn't need to play with and we haven't had the need for.

Replace any mops, dusters, brooms, brushes that need it and get rid of the old ones.
We have a Libman upright broom, brush and dustpan that is still going strong. We also have the Norwex mop that is also in great condition. No need for us to replace anything yet, so there is nothing to get rid of either. Love that!

Update your car first aid kit.
For a long time, I had a great first aid kit in the car that I bought at Target for $9.99. It was perfect and had everything you could ever potentially need. About six months ago, I took a closer look at it and realized all but the bandages was expired. I now have a fantastic collection of bandaids. This is a great reminder to nudge me in the direction of replacing the ointments, medications and creams in that kit. If you aren't sure what to put in the kit, click here for a great resource.

Return items you have borrowed to friends, family and the library.
Good reminder! We do have some books & movies to turn in!

Do a quick pick up of clutter areas you have already decluttered.
Yes! and NO!! This is where my hard work truly occured this week. Of course, this is something I pretty much do on a daily basis, you?

I apologize for the lack of pictures this week, but it's basic cleaning out and I didn't feel pictures of my Clorox wipes in the trash can would really be helpful. Stay tuned this week for pretty pictures!

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