November 16, 2009

I'm Certified!

It's official! I am certified for My Digital Studio, woohoo! That means if you have any questions about making digital scrapbooks, cards, calendars or even various multiple media projects, I am your girl!

There are SOOO many great reasons to consider My Digital Studio. Now is a great time to ask for that special Christmas gift. Hint, hint Honey!!

Today, I will focus on the scrapbooking option of MDS. I used to be a traditional scrapbooker. I loved it. I loved to put all these pretty little touches on my treasured photos of my husband and my daughters. There were just a few glitches with traditional scrapping. My husband got tired of all the supplies just laying around all the time. I can't blame him really. I did too! But let's face the facts, you just cannot scrapbook without having all your available options right at your fingertips. And that is precisely where My Digital Studio comes in!
My Digital Studio offers THOUSANDS of images to have right at your fingertips. The truth is, all of our photos are already right here on our computer. I'm not knocking traditional scrapbooking here, just pointing out one of the many plusses of MDS.
When using MDS, you pull your photos right off of your hard drive, memory stick or camera itself. It's as easy as drag and drop and you are done. Then the fun begins! You can add background papers in solids or patterns. All of our backgrounds come in Stampin' Ups signature colors too! You can then add embellishments, stamps, mats, and the list goes on! I absolutely adore digital scrapbooking and was THRILLED to learn Stampin' Up was coming out with a program of their own.
If you have ANY questions about My Digital Studio or if you'd like to see a live demonstration or try it out for yourself, please contact me at any time! I'd love to let my passion for MDS inspire you.
If you love MDS, sign up to host a workshop.
If you just can't get enough of MDS, consider signing up to be a demonstrator. Now is a fabulous time to join because the starter kit includes all the MDS software! That is unheard of!!