January 29, 2012

Declutter With Me On Monday | Weeks 2 & 3

The junk drawer. We all have one, right? Here is mine:

I had a lot of kitchen utensils in my junk drawer. They were placed in an appropriate drawer. I also have a lot of various things to hang up pictures, keep rugs down and hold curtains up. Those things were all placed in a zippered baggie for ease in finding them later. I'd like to get a few more containers to stick in here for more organization. I currently have a spoon rest from Soufflenheim holding various tools. I really like that and plan to get a few more on my next trip.

The top of the nightstand. Thankfully, mine wasn't terrible.

Let's see.... I have fuzzy socks, a spool of ribbon, brochures, my kindle, glasses. Nice. Most of these things are probably okay to have bedside. They should be in the nightstand and not on it. So, the real problem here is the drawer. Yuck. So, after putting socks, glasses, ribbon and brochures where they belong, the top of my nighstand is clear.

Get rid of unused hair doodads & cosmetics; toss expired skincare; go through three bathroom shelves or drawers. I kind of combined these all into one. Here are my master bath cabinets:

I moved a few things around, threw out a LOT of old skincare that is no longer being used. I also consolidated my hair ties and clips. I have to admit, I actually considered cleaning my mirror and countertops before taking a picture. However, I wanted to share that what is REAL in my house. And this morning, that was messy countertops and mirrors. I used my decluttering time as an opportunity to do a little bit of cleaning. My sweet pea was sleeping while I did most of this. When it was time to take the "after" shot, he was up. I opened all the cabinet doors and he excitedly made a beeline to all of the fun new stuff. I promise what is hiding behind him is decluttered and organized.
So, those are the big ticket taskers for weeks 2 and 3 in the declutter challenge. I didn't include cleaning out under the bed. With the exception of my husband's guitar, we don't have anything under our bed. I think that is a good habit instilled in me by my parents. I've never used under the bed as storage. I kind of like being able to look under there and be certain no spiders are hiding out.

How is the decluttering coming along for you? Tomorrow I will post week 4 and be caught up. I will try not to get so far behind again, but because we currently live in Europe, I can't make any promises! Have a wonderful week!!