January 12, 2012

Heart Twig Wreath With Rosettes

It's the season of love. Ah, love. I know it's so soon after Christmas, but I really enjoy decorating for the seasons.

I think this wreath is my favorite. I picked up this heart shaped twig wreath on clearance at a local department store. I then added a simple burlap knot in the center and just a few rosettes made out of burlap ribbon and some pink and red felt.

I used two types of rosettes on this wreath.
A tutorial on burlap ribbon rosettes can be found here.
Instructions on the felt rosettes can be found here.

I love the imperfection of this. I love the mix of textures, shapes and sizes of the rosettes.
Grab what you have laying around your house and make something imperfect and beautiful of your own!