February 22, 2012

mes choses préférées | basket of books

I am very much looking forward to soaking in Lent this year. We give so much attention and focus to Christmas each year, and Easter somehow becomes an afterthought. I realize we wouldn't have Easter without Christmas, however the victory is in Easter.

I am looking for all kinds of ways to bring my children into the spirit of Easter. One thing we've done the past three years is collect all of our Easter books and put them in this cute box on a bench in our dining room. I think I may have been inspired by something I read somewhere a few years ago to do this, but I don't remember exactly where or what it was.

This box contains all sorts of books about Easter. Some are serious, some are silly and some are just plain fun. I keep these specific books put away the rest of the year and only bring them out on Ash Wednesday. I am looking to add to our collection, so if you have any ideas, please let me know!

Our collection currently contains the following:

What is Easter? board book

Runaway Bunny board book

The Story of Easter board book

The Tale of Peter Rabbit board book

God's Easter Love (Boz Series)