February 8, 2012

One Little Word On Wednesday

I finally sat down and did my layout for January. My word for 2012 is "discipline."  I elaborated quite a bit on the journaling cards in my layout as to why I chose this word, what I am inviting into my life and what this word means to me. The extra bits and pieces are little visual reminders of my word and it's parts.

The top center card has dots on it that I punched out and inked. Two of them are stamped with the wording "it's the little things." I feel that in striving for discipline, it truly is the little things that can make or break your goals. They seem small at the start, but they can either grow into obstacles or passageways.

The top right card has a chipboard 1 on it that I inked up as well. It says, "first things first." That is a reminder to me to just start. We all need a reminder sometimes to look just at that first step rather than the mountain looming ahead.

The center card is pretty obvious. Schedule is something I am severely lacking and something I am really striving for.

The bottom left card is a bird that I stamped. I chose a bird for several reasons. First, I just love birds. They are beautiful. Second, a bird represents several things I am inviting into my life by choosing to have more discipline. Those things are routine, calm, POISE, peace and JOY.

I'm happy with the way this page turned out. I used a lot of robin's egg blue because that is my current favorite. It also makes me feel calm and relaxed. I am excitedly looking forward to the rest of this journey!

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