March 5, 2012

Declutter With Me On Monday | Week 9

Welcome March! Is it feeling like spring where you are yet? I wonder how hard it will be for us to stay inside decluttering when the beautiful weather beckons to us. Or maybe the lovely air will be an inspiration to clear out unwanted and no longer needed items in our dwelling place.

As you all know by now, I completely bowed out of week 8. I could make it up, but I've made the decision to just pick up with the current week. I hope that encourages you to do the same. Some days (and weeks) in our lives just don't lend themselves to extra work and that is okay. The point is to never give up fighting clutter. Now onto week 9!

Our first task was to let go of hobby items from a hobby you have outgrown. Did you know I used to make and sell hairbows? I have a ridiculous amount of ribbon. I sold a LOT, but I still have quite a bit. I think this is the perfect nudge I need to get rid of it. I have been saving it just in case I needed to make some more bows for my girls or maybe my sisters' children. Now my girls have nearly outgrown hairbows and my sisters have all boys. Goodbye ribbon!! I don't have a "before" picture, but rather a "during" picture. Here is all the ribbon being wound and packaged to send to a friend.

And here is the ENTIRE storage container I gained by clearing out the ribbon. You have to love that.

On day 2, we were to "trim a collection." I don't really have any collections unless you count stamps! Funnily enough, I had been in the process of putting together a list of retired stamps and accessories to sell and pass on. Here is just a tiny peek at what I set aside to sell. I've actually already sold about 1/4 of these. It is nice to pass on things to people who will use them and to make a little pocket change while doing so! Maybe you have some things you could sell too!

The last day of February had us recycling electronics we no longer use. Did you find you had many {or any} of these? Maybe it's all the moving around, but we don't really have any electronics we aren't using.

Next up on the list is decluttering an end table in the living room. This is our table between the couch and chair. It is usually kept fairly clutter free thanks to our little one year old boy. He can reach most anything on top of this table and he will grab it.

After putting away a few things and straightening up the boxes a bit, here is our table again.

I have a special little side tip for you. Naturally, my one year old gets into these boxes. So, instead of filling them with anything of any value to me whatsoever, this is what is inside the top box:

Cars! I love them and so does Sammy. The bottom box truly is just storage. Here's what it looks like. A few books and some random coasters. I just had a thought, I should probably pass those on as well. Hmm.

On Friday, we were to get rid of pet toys no longer being played with. Well, we don't have a pet, but we do have a one year old. {This post is quickly becoming all about him!} I don't have any pictures, but I went through all of his toys today and weeded out the infant toys, the teethers and the rattlers. I put them in a box in his closet and I will soon pass them onto a pregnant friend.

Finally, on Saturday we cleaned out a coffee table or another end table. We don't have a coffee table, so I chose the end table in the corner of our living room. The top is pretty clear of clutter for the same reason our other end table is. The top drawer however, could stand to be cleaned out. Here it is before:

A few magazines tossed and office supplies put up where they belong. Sam likes to open this drawer and play with whatever he can grab, so I will put stash some of his toys in there as well.

The cabinet on the bottom of this end table  is where we store all of our WII supplies. They are haphazardly tossed in there, but it works for us.

And that is that for Week 9. It felt good to get back into the decluttering. As always it's never too late to join! If you would to join us, download your free calendar at Beth's website, My Simpler Life.