March 27, 2012

Making a Temporary House a Home | Fresh Flowers

I love fresh flowers. They have a way of turning a ho-hum day into something special. When I wake up very early in the morning and sit at the table to feed Sam, I currently see these beautiful ranunculus we picked up at the Stuttgart Market on Saturday. They just add a little something extra. I got one bunch for €7,50. This really isn't a bad price considering how many buds there are on here just waiting to open up!

My girls begged for tulips. At €4 a bunch, how could I possibly turn them down? I also want them to have those special little things in their lives whenever possible. They have some in their rooms, but I also get to look at these while I scrub pots and pans.

Also added to my collection this weekend were these lovely narcissus bulbs. Seriously, does anything scream spring more than this? I received these as a party favor at a baby shower. What a fantastic idea! We have enjoyed watching them sprout and bloom quite quickly!

Fresh flowers are an easy, inexpensive way to add a little something extra to your home. They don't have to be complicated or expensive or perfectly arranged. One of the best places I've found fresh flowers at is the local farmers' market. They are all over the world. I am sure there is one near you, too! In the States, I found extremely reasonably priced flowers at Sam's Club. My favorite were alstroemeria. I could get two bunches for less than $10 and they'd last two weeks! Also, try to stick with what's in season at the time. They will be much cheaper and easier to come by. Finally, don't overlook your own backyard. What types of flowers do you have sprouting right now? Cut a few, stick them in a simple glass or jar and sit them on your kitchen counter. They just may add a little bit of joy to your everyday chores.