January 8, 2013

Our Homes, Past and Present | Troy, Illinois

In the next couple of weeks I hope to share with you all several photos of our homes in the years past. We have been very fortunate to live in some beautiful places with wonderful people. Our adventure isn't over yet! We will be heading back to the States within the year!

Our very first home was an apartment in northwest San Antonio. Did digital cameras exist back then? They may have, but we did not own one. Our second home was in Edmond, Oklahoma and we loved it. It was our first house. We had amazing next door neighbors, a wonderful church and amazing friends. Digital cameras had been invented during this time, but we still did not own one. I hope to dig up some pictures soon.

The third place we lived together was in Troy, Illinois: right outside of St. Louis. It was one of my favorite houses. Our neighbors there were incredibly warm and friendly.

Looking through my pictures, I can't believe how much my decorating style has changed. We sure loved red!

We finished the basement to add a family room and a guest bedroom. Love the color palette in the guest room.(Minus the red, of course.)  Whew! That is a bright green in the family room.

I think in hindsight, Kate's nursery is my favorite. Obviously, that is due to the very soft color palette and the large amounts of vanilla coloring. It was so relaxing to me then as a mom of a newborn and a nearly 3 year old. It still invokes feelings of relaxation in me today.

Claire's room is a very, very close second. She also had a very soft color palette with very light shades of rose and aqua. 
 Oh, that bed. Our basement flooded in Rhode Island and I was more worried about my bed than my wedding dress. True story. Love it so. I haven't gotten to use it in nearly FOUR years. It wouldn't fit up our turning staircases in Rhode Island, so it lived in the basement. When we found out we were moving to Germany, we decided to leave it in storage. It was a good thing as it would never have fit in our bedroom in Simmozheim!

 Loved our back porch and yard. We ate outside very, very often!

 Our house backed up to a farm. We had a lovely view of rows and rows of corn. We loved it there.