March 19, 2013

Springtime Centerpiece

It took me a while to get this arrangement just right. It wasn't the type of consideration where you sit and stare at something for hours. This centerpiece was built out of multiple passings by. And I finally settled this afternoon.

It's a simple stack of melamine plates from Target's Easter selection years ago. I loved the faux vintage look on them. {The cute little bunnies didn't hurt things either.}
Also from Target's Easter offerings are the sweet linen {looking} napkins with the embroidered rabbit.
On top of the stack of plates is a lovely sugar bowl I got from a Dutch company called Pomax. Their stuff is simple and beautiful. I hope to find more before we move back to the States.

The cake stand is a new addition to our home. It is Martha Stewart and I was happy and surprised to find it at the Exchange here in Germany. I am looking forward to experimenting with different seasonal items.

If you are local, you will be happy to hear the faux eggs and nest are ridiculously easy to find in Germany. The country as a whole seemingly has a love affair with eggs in the spring. Mine in particular came from Depot.
After days of walking past our dining room table and slightly rearranging things, I am finally happy with the arrangement. All the spring things make me smile... even when snow is fluttering down right outside my window.

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