February 21, 2012

Declutter With Me on Monday Tuesday | Week 7

Wow. I have to admit to you I am having some serious backsliding as of late. Not only is my decluttering suffering, but I find myself very tempted to buy unnecessary things. I wonder if there is a support group for this? I will be striving to focus on family/home time during Lent this year. I hope this will help curb my desire to purchase some a lot.

Now back to decluttering!

This week was fairly easy as well. I tried to enjoy the small amount of decluttering because I think next week has me in the storage space in the basement. Yikes. I will absolutely be enlisting the help of my hubby for that.

When I read that the bulk of this week's tasks were clearing a desk, I was excited. I thought I was totally off the hook for decluttering. Here is my desk and printer before:

And after putting some clothes in their right place and packaging up something that needs to be mailed, here is my desk and printer after:

In my dreamy fantasy world, that is all I would have needed to do this week. But wait! There is this other desk... in our master closet. Much to my hubby's dismay, it is pretty much my office. I bet he just loves getting dressed in there! Here is my space before:

I have to admit that I pretty much enjoy organizing this space. Crafting makes me happy. Organizing my crafting things makes me happy too. Here is my happy little space after:

So, with the exception of organizing your bulletin board {which I do not have,} that is it for this week! Hope you are all hanging in there with the decluttering.

If you are new to this blog or this concept, please check out Beth Dargis's blog, My Simpler Life. She has a free downloadable calendar to help guide you decluttering your way through 2012. It's never too late to start! Take the first step today.