February 13, 2012

Declutter With Me On Monday | Week 6

Left, right & center of bedroom dresser
I felt this week's tasks were fairly simple and straightforward. Normally, our bedroom dresser is pretty free of clutter. As luck would have it, however, it was a bit out of control this week.

Things just needed to put away in their rightful place. It wasn't too labor intensive or taxing on my brain. It was just busywork, which I already have plenty of, *thankyouverymuch*!

Clear off one bedroom shelf
We don't necessarily have any shelves in our bedroom, so I tackled the window ledge in our master bath. This is where my hubby and I keep our items of daily use. I still had things up there that hadn't been put away since our trip to Venice. I'm horrible about unpacking.

A little rearranging is always good. The coffee cup has been returned to it's rightful home as well as the dusting cloth. Hey, if anyone has any ideas as to what to put in the cream colored bowl, please let me know! I've considered river rocks and decorative balls, but neither seems to fit.

Clear off another bedroom shelf
I've run out of shelves, so I moved to an area in my home that is always in desperate need of tidying... my daughter's bedroom.

Every surface of my girl's room is usually covered in something. Her room is pretty random. Take her dresser top for example. My conditioner was carried in here by her baby brother and the screwdriver was probably left here by yours truly.  

So, that's kind of it for this week. Not terrible. I'm starting to wonder what kind of trouble I'm in for next week! How is your decluttering coming??