February 25, 2012

Pretty Hooks = Laundry Room Helpers

I see these types of hooks all over the place. You know the ones: wine label hooks, a ceiling tile hook, cheap ones, ornate ones, vintage finds and discount store treasures. I love them. The thing that always stops me from buying them up is the thought of, "What will I do with them?" Well, the thought deters me anyway.

So, I have these pretty hooks. I also have the drooliest baby who goes through bibs and shirts like you would not believe! I have two messy girls and a messy hubby too. We have dishes and a table that begs to be wiped down. You add all those things up and you come up with wet bibs, damp towels and soapy dishcloths.

When I'm ready to get these things out of my sight, I like to take them to the laundry room. I can't just throw them in the hamper though, they will become foul and contaminate the rest of the laundry. Before I would toss them into the pile of patient laundry, I would lay them flat on the dryer or over the door of the washing machine. That wasn't the most convenient place because I needed it for empty detergent bottles and socks who'd lost their partners.

Well, guess what I found! Some pretty hooks. These in particular came from the dollar bins at Michael's. {Does Michael's still have those?} I just used tiny nails to tack these to the wall in our laundry room right underneath a decorative sign. They work wondrously!

So, do you have any extra cute hooks looking for a home? Put them to work and rescue the rest of your laundry from the stink!

Special thanks to my own mom who gave me this idea!!