March 28, 2012

Seagrass Storage Baskets { Local Finds }

I love these baskets. They are pretty. They are functional. And they will forever tell a story for me.
When we moved into our farmhouse in Simmozheim, we quickly realized we lacked one thing: STORAGE. Our house did not have a single closet or cabinet. We made do pretty well with what we had plus a few armoires from IKEA. One area that proved a little tricky was the bathroom. I don't know about you, but I have a LOT of bathroom stuff. Suddenly, I found myself sharing a bathroom with my entire family. This was going to be a challenge.
I envisioned the perfect solution to our bathroom storage dilemma. Something like this:

Or this:
Heck, even this:
One problem, I couldn't find anything remotely close to these options here in  Germany. I looked online and either the item was too expensive to be shipped over here or the option wasn't even available.
A friend of mine told me while living over here you buy what you can when you find it. Basically, you have to settle. I was okay with digging a little more and being more creative. I was not okay with settling. I admit, first I was excited about the challenge. However, my excitement quickly turned to frustration.
I kept looking and looking. Finally, at Mömax I found these lovely sea grass baskets with a hinged lid on them.

I thought they'd be perfect because I could stack them. I put the items rarely used in the bottom baskets and kept the more essentials in the top basket.

We've had them for 18 months now. They worked well at our house in Simmozheim and they have transitioned well into our house on post. I imagine they will be part of our decor family for a long time to come. I can see them having a future as toy boxes or a place to store extra curriculum. Regardless of where they end up. I am sure they will be well loved and look lovely in the process.

{PS to my local friends. If you happen to be on the lookout for products with a safe rating on the EWG's Cosmetic Database, this Pure & Natural soap has a rating of 2 and can be found at the Exchange.}