January 2, 2012

Declutter With Me On Monday

Thanks to a post from a friend on Facebook, I found this amazing declutter calendar. It was put together by Beth at My Simpler Life. When following Beth's calendar, you will declutter your entire house this year by doing just a little bit each day. No matter how chaotic or calm your house may be, I think this plan is something we can all incorporate into our daily lives. I also believe it is something we can all benefit from!

For January 1, Beth invites us to think about who we'd like to be in 2012. I've given this quite a bit of thought already as I am participating in Ali Edwards' One Little Word challenge. {More on that Wednesday!} In 2012, I would really like to step up my self discipline. And by step up, I mean acquire some. I have none. Having a clutter free, organized home is a great jumping point for more self discipline.

Today's task is to set up a "Donation Station." Beth gives this site as a sample of a donation station. It's fantastic. However, I found I didn't really have the space for something so big. And to be honest, I didn't want my donation station to be out in full view.

I read through the post at The Red Chair Blog and quickly realized I could get by with only two bins. We definitely needed a bin for donations. We are constantly cleaning out clothes and shoes. The other three bins though, could be combined into one.

First, I needed to decide where to put this station. I definitely wanted it near the front door. I also definitely wanted it out of site. My husband and I decided the coat closet would be just the place. He also decided he would like to be able to store the vacuum in there. {?!} We had our work cut out for us. Believe me, our front closet did NOT look like this in the morning. We sorted and stored and moved things around for a couple of hours. It was definitely worth it.

Next, I needed the actual bins. Because I have a longstanding addiction to baskets and bins, I knew there would be something in my home that I could use. I was right! I found one of these baskets completely empty in my daughter's room and the other had a few toys I was able to transfer to some shelving in her closets. They are stackable and large, so they are perfect. I still need to label them, but here is what they look like in the bottom of our coat closet. The bottom basket is for donations {anyone need some faux orange tree branches?} and the top is for things to be returned and/or gifted. It's amazing how quickly it's filled up!!
our donation station
How is your first day of decluttering going? I'd love to see your donation station as well!