January 14, 2013

Rainy Day Project | Reading Nook

Just a few days ago, I saw this pin in my feed. I immediately repinned it and went to the original source. Unfortunately, it did not come from a blog post, but rather the flickr feed of Kim Rakes. Happily, the idea was simple: Use a tension rod between the wall and a piece of furniture to create a small nook for your child. Seeing as how I have about 13 tension rods in our storage space, I decided the project was simple and easy enough to do right away. I ran downstairs, grabbed one, and got straight to work.

Here is my daughter's room from the doorway. You can hardly see the awesome little space we created. It blends so nicely with the rest of her room.

For the curtains, I just used some old curtains that were folded up in my linen closet "just in case." This was the perfect reason to dig them out.

I added a pillow chair, a favorite quilt, and throw pillow on top of this super soft, super comfy faux sheepskin rug. Don't you want to climb in?

The roof is actually a remnant from some of my favorite window sheers. I bought them at IKEA, so they had to be cut to size. My daughter had been saving them in her closet for fort building.

We both agreed the remnant was perfect for the roof because it is beautiful and functional. A good amount of sunlight still makes it's way into her nook thanks to the sheer roof.

And here is my happy customer working on schoolwork in her new favorite spot. This was definitely one of my favorite projects. It was easy and totally free. You simply cannot beat that.