January 16, 2013

That space above the kitchen cabinets & how to tackle it.

A few days ago I posed a question on my facebook page: "What are your trouble spots?" I had a few readers mention that empty space above their kitchen cabinets. How can you make it look warm and how do you do that without spending a lot of money?

Happily, creating a warm, inviting space does not require spending vast amounts of money. All it takes is a little creativity and a lot of scouring. I would suggest hitting up thrift shops, second hand stores and even some fun antique places. Go to the garage sales in your neighborhood and don't forget to swing by the clearance section of Hobby Lobby and Target! Just browse. Look for something that jumps out at you... something that makes you feel warm and happy. Take it home, clean it up and set it out.

I've collected some photographs from various sources of ideas for you. These are things I would do in my own home. If it is necessarily your style, perhaps it can give you a jumping point.

1. Antique Books
This idea is awesome because old books can be found anywhere for a great price. You can stand them on their sides of stack them. Either way adds a charming touch. {both images via pinterest.}

Let's say you find some books with great shape that are the perfect size, but you hate the colors. Don't worry! Simply cover them in kraft paper (or even a brown paper grocery sack!) and stack 'em up. {For example: Mara Zepeda's gorgeous books}

2. Black & White Photos
I absolutely LOVE this idea from Casa Cullen. I think the key to this working is using the same color of frame all the way across. While the photos don't necessarily have to be black and white, I would stick to photos that are the same tone. Don't go with pictures that are too detailed as that will make it look cluttered and busy. Landscape or architectural photos would be ideal.

3. Vintage Canisters
I love the way Lu styled these canisters and the baby's breath in just one of them is a perfect touch. If you MUST included greenery or faux flowers on top of those cabinets, this is the way to go. Just a little bit. Gone are the days of stuffing tons of faux greenery up there! 

If you are in the market for some canisters and you adore French country, I am in love with this set from Attic Antics. The numbers on them add the perfect industrial touch.

4. Enamelware 
I have a small love affair with enamelware. It is no doubt that a collection of these beauties (large or small) would be a lovely addition to the tops of your kitchen cabinets. {photo courtesy of Country Living}

5. Wicker Jugs
These may be a littler harder to find, but I think it would be highly worth it. They are elegant and simple, yet unique. They are a perfect touch to farm kitchen. {photo courtesy of Atlanta Homes Magazine}

Hopefully, these ideas will help you as you tackle your own cabinets. Please share any ideas you may have as well! Happy decorating.