February 20, 2013

Dreaming of Spring

The snow is still freshly fallen here in Stuttgart (and we are expecting MORE), but I am ready for spring. I am slowly getting my home ready for spring as well. We enjoyed a month of Valentine's decor to transition out of the holidays, but I am welcoming the fresh, clean looks of the approaching season. I'll be posting photos of our spring decor later this week, but today I am sharing my favorite spring decor items.

 1. IKEA Alpklocka 100% Linen Throw
At $39.99, this throw was is a little more on the expensive side, especially for IKEA. But in my opinion, it is well worth the cost. It is highly reminiscent of the linen products I saw at the weekly markets in Provence. It is soft and light, perfect for the warmer months coming up.

2. Rabbit Silhouettes
It's only natural to love bunnies at this time of year. And more and more lately, I am loving silhouettes of most anything. I have a particular fondness of items that are more natural, such as this distressed beauty from Slippin' Southern. It would make a lovely addition to any Easter or spring vignette.

3. IKEA Fintorp Baskets
At 2 for $14.99, these baskets are an incredible deal. The set includes this size pictured, as well as a smaller more square basket. I am in love with this basket. The sloped edges and wooden handle make it feel a little more special than the average find at IKEA.
4. IKEA Skurar Plant Pots
These simple tins pots are actually quite elegant with the loveliest eyelet cutouts on the rim.
5. IKEA Fejka Faux Potted Plants
In Germany, we don't have a lot of options as far as faux plants and flowers go. So, I was pretty happy with this selection of faux plants from IKEA. I purchased the boxwood and olive looking ones. It's a nice touch of green in our home. (and they fit perfectly in the Skurar pots!)
6. Birds' Nests
Does anything say "Spring" more than birds' nests full of little baby eggs? I have a few of these around our main living area and plan to make a wreath featuring one as well. (Germany friends, you can find a small selection of cute birds' nests at Depot!)
7. Birds!
Of course, you wouldn't have the nest or eggs without the birds. I have a soft spot in my heart for birds and have been using them in spots in my home for years. These can be found nearly anywhere these days including Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Target, etc. If you are in Germany, they are also at Depot.