February 12, 2013

Super Simple Valentine's Day Treats

I've stumbled across multiple versions of this on pinterest. I'm not quite sure where the original idea came from, but I love it. The treats are visually pleasing and unbelievably easy to create. My kids had a blast making them and they assure me they were delicious, though they were a little sweet for my liking.

Here is all you will need:
One bag Wilson candy melts in color of your choice
One bag of jumbo marshmallows
Lollipop sticks
Sprinkles galore

These can be suited for any occasion and I am sure we will have a repeat performance at some point in the near future.

I think the pictures are pretty self explanatory.
Pierce the marshmallows with the lollipop sticks.
I poked holes in a box so we would have a place to let the marshmallow pops cool off.
Melt candy according to package directions.
Swirl marshmallows through pretty melted candy.
Decorate to your heart's content.
Place in prepared box to cool off.