February 4, 2013

Valentine Banners + A Ribbon Rosette Tutorial


These lovely banners were sold for a limited time in my etsy shoppe this year for Valentine's Day. On each banner, I featured a delicate ribbon rosette. I thought I'd share a very amateur tutorial on how to make these sweet little rosettes.
You will need ribbon, double sided adhesive and a piece of cardstock.
1. Start by lining the piece of cardstock with double sided adhesive. Make the sticky space large enough to accommodate the desired size of your rosette.

2. Tie a knot at the end of your ribbon. This will be the center of your rosette.

3. Start twisting and wrapping. As you twist the ribbon, wrap it continuously around the knotted center.

4. Keep twisting and wrapping until your rosette is the size you desire.


5. Trim the ribbon and tuck the end under the completed rosette.
6. Trim away all the excess cardstock until you can no longer see it from the front. You will place your adhesive on the cardstock backing of the rosette. It is now ready for your project!

Happy to be sharing at Feathered Nest Friday on French Country Cottage!