June 23, 2014

Destination: Organization

You may remember when I first started my blog there were weekly declutter posts. It felt good to declutter so often, but it became taxing to photograph and document my progress. In the two years that have passed, we have moved to another country and into a new home. We've been in our home for nearly one year and I am finding myself irritable due to the amount of stuff we have amassed. It is time for serious organization, friends. 

Enter Destination: Organization. This is going to be a lazy man's approach to organizing. You can follow along with me daily or pick and choose a few days here and there. It is summer after all. My personal goal is to be organized and clutter free by Labor Day. I want to enter the new school year feeling like I have a strong foundation underfoot. Let's face it, life runs so much more smooth when things are always where they are supposed to be.