August 3, 2014

Interior Design for the Rest of Us

When you hear "Interior Design" what comes to mind? Long before I started studying to become a designer, I envisioned it being a service only the elite, upper class could afford. You know, like the Vanderbilts.


Also, celebrities, professional athletes and the like.  

Drew Barrymore's dreamy foyer
Maybe that's not quite what comes to mind. Maybe you're just thinking of "those" people across town. You know the ones. They drive the "it" vehicle, have all the latest and greatest, and dress to the nines. Yes, they probably hire interior designers as well. 

Don't worry, this is only a vacation home.
Interior design is often thought of as a luxury. Something that would be nice to have, but costs quite a bit. I'd like to challenge you to view interior design differently; perhaps as a necessity. I know that sounds far fetched, but bear with me. 

Our homes are the root of our entire lives. They are also the root of our spouse's life and the lives of our children.  Everything we do, all that we are stems from our home. Consider this statement from a recent article regarding clutter and your mind, "Living in a cluttered home can create subtle, constant, low-grade stress. Anxiety over clutter messes with your brain’s alpha waves and interferes with your sleep, making you more fatigued, impacting your hormone levels, and increasing production of cortisol. The more clutter, the more overwhelming the thought of removing it becomes, leading to greater stress, overwhelming fatigue, and depression." {source}

I know you are now probably wondering how clutter relates to interior design. If clutter can have such a negative impact on your brain, imagine what a well organized, beautiful space can do for you and your productivity. Having a beautiful home is more than having a beautiful home. It's having a haven for you and your family. It is having a safe place to fall; a place of rest and rejuvenation. A haven is the protective nest you provide for your family and yourself. It is where your heart resides. Treat it with care and respect.