August 4, 2014

Okay, you've hired me....

Now what?

I know the thought of hiring an interior designer is foreign. Let's face it, it's probably a bit intimidating as well. What can you expect from me as a designer? In order to clear the mystery and hopefully lessen your apprehension, I am going to lay it ALL out there for you in one single post.

The common perception of interior design goes something like this:

  1. designer comes for consultation
  2. designer presents ideas for space
  3. client accepts ideas or moves back to step 1. with a different designer
  4. client suggests small changes in fabrics, textures, paint colors, etc.
  5. designer purchases all new furniture, window treatments, decorative accessories, etc
  6. designer hires several subcontractors to implement all structural changes suggested & approved
  7. client is scarcely involved in the process
It may actually work like that for a large amount of interior design clientele. My workflow is a little bit different. Throughout the entire process, my clients hold the steering wheel. I am simply the navigator. I can be involved in as much or as little of the transformation as you desire. 

This is how it works when you hire me as your designer:

ROOM REFRESH {$50 per space, max 2 hours time}

  1. we arrange a time to meet at the space you'd like to transform
  2. we discuss your goals and/or vision for the space 
  3. I give you suggestions, tips and guidance to achieve said goals
  4. I give you a very detailed list of suggested purchases and changes to make to your space
  5. If necessary, I help you rearrange to create better flow for more comfort
  6. Together, we "shop" the rest of your home for items that may fit better in this specific space
  7. If additional purchases are needed, I give you an exhaustive list of local and national sources for home decor
  8. I email you a streamlined list of agreed upon changes & purchases
  9. YOU do the shopping, make the purchases, complete the changes and transform your space with the guidance I've given you. You do this on YOUR budget and YOUR timeline. 
  10. We meet once more to tie up any loose ends 

If you are confident in making the purchases we have discussed, and are satisfied with the changes we have made, this is where our time together ends. This is the easiest, most economical option that I offer. 

PERSONAL SHOPPING {$20 per hour}

Okay, we've agreed on the changes that need to be made and we've rearranged your living room. There are some spaces that still need a few cute accent pieces and we've decided to buy a new table for your foyer. You have a picture in your mind of how you want your living area to look and feel, but you don't feel sure of your ability to make that leap from your vision to reality. That is where personal shopping comes in. 

There are two options I offer for personal shopping:
1. I accompany you on your shopping excursion and we make the purchases together. 

2. I do the shopping on my own while you go about your daily activities and commitments. I will stay within the predetermined budget. {this is also a great option for those who simply do not have the time to shop for themselves} 

After the desired purchases have been made, it is up to you to arrange the items based on the guidelines previously provided by me. If you feel you still need assistance, I offer an additional decorating service. 


This is where all the extras fall. Some examples:
1. Shelf styling
2. Arranging vignettes
3. Painting furniture
4. Room painting
5. Floral arrangements {real & faux}
6. Wreath making
7. Room rearranging
8. Custom window treatments 
9. Gallery walls

If you are completely happy with everything in your home, but just need a discerning eye to arrange your mantle, this service is for you. 

So, there you have it. Pretty easy and straight forward, no? Let me help you create your haven. Contact me today!!!