October 10, 2014

Facelift Friday | Let's try this again.

I found this awesome toy box crate at a thrift shop in the spring. It was a bright red, but I saw the amazing potential. It had casters at one time, so it was already perfectly outfitted to add them again. I first painted it in ASCP Paloma and added the French word for books, "livres." Well, it turns out that not everyone is a Francophile like me. (How?) I had it in my shoppe for $18 for months and no one touched it. Not every style suits every person, right? So, I brought it home with me to give it yet another facelift.

I painted the entire thing in MMSMP Grain Sack. It is a creamy tan color that I just love; perfect and neutral.

I added stripes in Shutter Gray to the front and back panels. I am loving stripes. I think they are classic.

Oh! And remember I mentioned the casters? I finally got around to adding them. I love adding just a bit off industrial decor to elegant French Country.

I covered the entire piece with MMSMP Antiquing Wax, except for the oval piece in front. (I'm still undecided about that part.)

For the graphics on this time around, I used a lovely vintage crown instead of a French word that no one seemed to get. ;)

I think this time the piece is much more versatile. It would be excellent in a living room holding all of your throws for the winter. It would also be lovely in a den holding books and so sweet in a kid's room. Where would you use this piece?