October 15, 2014

The ABCs of Decorating | D

Details, details, details. They are often overlooked, underwhelming, or forgotten altogether. But they are important.

Just as it is true in fashion, accessories and details are very important when it comes to home decor.

It's those little things you pay special attention to that give your space the "wow" factor. The absence of details would probably go unnoticed by most. But when you do focus on the details in your home, the feeling is unmistakable.

Details are what draw you into a space. Details are what wrap you up in comfort. Details make you feel important, welcome, and wanted.

Details are lacy sheers floating in a cool breeze.

 Details are touches of nature where you'd least expect it.

Details are hydrangeas spilling out of an oversized sugar mold.

Details are small touches of beauty you pass in the hallway.

Details are extras that show you took the extra time and forethought to make your space inviting. They are not expensive, elaborate or fancy by any means. Details are subtle. And if done right, will make all who enters  your home feel cozy and loved.

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