February 19, 2015

ABCs of Decorating | G

Life moves. Plain and simple, it just does.
No one lives in a state of stillness. No one. Our lives are forever changing. Up and down, left and right. We never know what is laying in wait around the corner of tomorrow. And in that spirit, our home needs to be filled with grace.

We need to extend that grace to our husbands, our children and even ourselves. Yes. You and I need grace too. Sometimes I need an extra large, heaping dose of it. Thankfully, grace is unlimited.

When I began this series, I aimed to post each new letter on a Wednesday. I've been pretty true to that schedule. All along, I knew G would be for grace. As life does, mine got busy with keeping up with my booth and homeschooling. My blog suffered. I took several months off. When I decided to only do consignment beginning this month, I was happy to return to my blog and this series. As grace would have it, G fell on Ash Wednesday. How appropriate! I was excited to publish this grace filled post on a day that we remember we are nothing without our Father; that we have hope because of the grace He has given us. Well, as God often does, He reminded me how much I need grace. I became sick yesterday and spent much of the day in bed. Nothing got done. I crocheted and that is about it.

This morning as I was sitting at our kitchen table working on spelling with my middle, I looked around at the chaos of our home. It reminded me life happens here in our haven. Everyday.

Life ebbs and flows. Right now, it seems we I am experiencing a downward trend. We aren't eating like I'd like to. Things are getting done as I would hope. And our home reflects that. And it is okay. I am extending myself grace.

As I write this, I overhear my two youngest laughing and playing. That is what matters. I don't want to hurt them or belittle them in pursuit of perfection. Their hearts are the ultimate goal in this life of mine.

As a wife and mother, I want this home to be a HAVEN. A haven is a defined as a place of safety or a refuge. This is a place of safety; a place to hide; a place to built up and loved. Yes, cleanliness is often much more comfortable than a messy home. But truly, truly there are times in life where it just isn't possible without paying a price.

I know you probably don't come here to see pictures of my messy home. I know this is a place of inspiration. At least, that is my hope. But I want you to know, my home and my family are real. Real life is messy. Real life is the best life. It doesn't put on airs or pretenses. Above all, that is what I want people to know and feel when they see my home: Grace lives here.