February 13, 2015

Facelift Friday | Telephone Table

Today's facelift is one that took me completely by surprise. We've had this telephone table for years. We picked it up at least eight years ago on clearance at Hobby Lobby. It's always been a great foyer, hallway or bathroom piece. It's tall, neutral and not too deep. In my opinion, accent furniture doesn't get any more versatile than this. 

I wasn't looking to replace this piece as it fit perfectly in our foyer between the coat closet and the half bath. But then one day, I stumbled upon a beautiful piece that would be an even better fit. So, I set out to spruce up our telephone table and had planned to sell it. 

But then I fell in love with it. 

This totally happened by accident and it was amazing. My awesome hubby cut a piece of wood into six equal pieces for me to use on a chair frame. They ended up being a smidge too small for the seat. One day when I was trying to find any possible working space organizing the garage, I placed these boards on the telephone table and realized they were a perfect fit! 

I stained the boards and finished with Miss Mustard Seed's Antique Wax. After that, it was the simple task of gluing them to the table top with wood glue. And it looked so pretty, I couldn't imagine selling it. 

So, just last night as I was laying in bed thinking about where I'd photograph this piece, I had the brilliant idea of placing it between the counter and the armoire in our kitchen. This is the space where we keep our hot cocoa/lemonade station. I love this piece here. I love the element of the wood in our kitchen. I love the height it brings. And I love the functionality of it. 

A super simple, stunning fix to an outdated piece of furniture, no? What are you going to fix up today?