February 11, 2013

Naptime Project | Recovering the old chair.

Recently, we moved a desk out of our bedroom to the family/dining area. We didn't move the chair because we just pull one from the table as we need it. And as you will shortly see, it was quite an eyesore.

Here is our lovely chair before the makeover. This chair was picked up curbside after a morning of garage sale-ing with my dearest friend in Grand Forks. I covered in a sunbrella red cabana stripe fabric. We intended to use it in the school/playroom in Newport, so I thought something water resistant would be smart. It was a good fit at the time.

We've moved twice since Newport and the red striped chair has found it's way into the master bedroom. While it was tucked under the cream colored desk, I didn't mind the red stripes. But with with the displacement of the desk, this is how it appeared daily in our cream/flax/brown bedroom. No, thanks.

Enter the woolworth faux suede blanket. I had a hard time cutting this, but I resolved that we have too many throws and we are moving to the deep south.

I basically mimicked the shape of the seat.
And then I got to hot gluing with a lovely helper.
My little napper woke up and I'd say he approved of the new choice in fabric.
My not so little one also approved.
Here it is completed in it's new home. I love how it fits right in with the rest of our decor.
One last look.
Have a wonderful Monday!
Happy to be sharing at Today's Creative Blog!